About Our Unit

Mission/Vision Statement

To be the fulcrum of a knowledge-driven society, building human competence and fostering determination and competition among people through the instrumentality of modern technology.

To be foremost in expanding the frontiers of knowledge and be most innovative in disseminating knowledge towards advancing the cause of humanity.

Our Programmes


Activities include the following:

  • Establishing and ensuring the sustainability of a lifelong relationship between alumni.
    Facilitating two-way communication between KWASU and its alumni.
    Promoting KWASU to potential students.
    Establishing and promoting a powerful alumni voice through publications and other enlightenment programmes.
    Ensuring promotion and propagation of the image and reputation of the university in the eyes of the public.
    Creating and ensuring the sustenance of a network of credible volunteers.
    Serving as a fundraising prospect by providing a veritable platform for Alumni to operate and/or cooperate with the Advancement and Linkages Unit.
    Providing a basis for feedback and counsel for the alumni.
    Providing a basis as a resource pool or reference point for staff recruitment either directly or indirectly.

KWASU Anthem

KWASU, our great institution The citadel of learning In Malete With skills, innovation and integrity We will expand the frontiers of knowledge In harmony, we shall attain the peak of scholarship Lighting up the world with your legacies KWASU, our Alma Mater We shall build a world-class Kwara State University With determination we shall learn Through aspiration and inspiration We will be empowered Developing our community and Advancing humanity KWASU, KWASU x2 Your seed shall ever sing your praise x2

Our Portfolio

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